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Leasing equipment for your business allows you to conserve capital, preserve credit lines, and hedge against inflation





  Benefits of Leasing
Conserve Capital
Leasing enables you to direct capital to the highest profit centers of your business.
Avoid Large Capital Outlays
Retain your liquid capital and employ working capital where the return is high.
Preserve Credit Lines
Present lines of credit can be left open to meet other needs of your business. Unlike bank loans, leasing does not require compensating balances.
Facilitate Budgeting
Small monthly rental, made out of pre-tax income, may be squeezed into a tight budget.
Hedge Against Inflation
Today's dollar is more valuable than tomorrow's dollar will be. Pay with tomorrow's less valuable dollar.
Avoid Obsolescence
Leasing makes it easy to upgrade your equipment, eliminating inefficiencies and keeping your business ahead of the competition.
Pay Its Own Way
Leasing allows you to pay for the equipment as you use it to generate income.
Leasing is 100% Financing
Unlike loans, leasing usually requires no down payment
Leasing Improves Your Balance Sheet
Borrowed funds increase your liabilities, significantly affecting your leverage ratio. Leasing increases your liquidity and can provide off - balance sheet financing.




  Lease Vs. Loan
Leasing    Loan
Simple Application Process - One Page Application Extensive Documentation -
Requires Financial Statements and Tax Returns
100% Financing - No Down Payment Needed Requires a Sizeable Down Payment
Preserves Credit Lines Reduces Existing Credit Lines
No Additional Collateral Required Often Requires Additional Collateral
Flexible Terms, Fixed Payments and No Ongoing Reporting Requirements Extensive and arduous monthly and quarterly reporting stipulations
Easier Budgeting Negative Impact On Balance Sheet - Adversely Impacts Liquidity and Debt Ratios
No Upfront Fees Extensive Upfront Costs - Points, Attorney Fees, Credit, Appraisal etc.
Non Cancelable Agreements Loans Can be Called Prematurely and Are Subject to Frequent Term Extension Reviews




  Lease Vs. Cash
Leasing    Cash
Frees Up Capital Depletes Cash Reserves
Various Tax Benefits and Lease Payments are Made with Pre-Tax Dollars No Tax Benefit and Equipment Cost Paid with After - Tax Dollars.
Avoid Obsolescence - Equipment Upgrades and add-ons are very easy You Own the Equipment - Even Though It is Outdated

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