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BargainLease has one of the most successful vendor programs in the industry.

According to research done by Equipment Leasing Association (ELA), 80 percent of US companies lease some or all of their equipment, and according to the US Department of Commerce, currently 31 percent (approx. $180 Billion) of all capital equipment is acquired through leasing.

There is no question that leasing will help your company sell more equipment, adding value and convenience for your customers and profitability to your business. This has been confirmed over and over again by the top tier of successful vendors selling all types of commercial and industrial equipment. A vendor that brings a financing option to its customers can avoid delays and is in control of the sale.

BargainLease has one of the most successful vendor programs in the industry. We have Lease Programs that can fund transactions from $1,000 to $1,000,000 and can include nearly all types of equipment. We understand the competitive marketplace for vendors and the need to not only win customers but also keep them by developing long term relationships. It's all about ease with which your customers can acquire products from you and get the financing all at a single source through a seamless process. Our Products & Services are designed to accomplish just that.

Some unique benefits of our vendor program are as follows:

Flexible Lease Programs
We have Lease Programs that can accommodate the needs of all types of businesses. For example we can quickly process a $3,000 lease application and a $300,000 equipment acquisition all as part of our normal business activity. We have plans for extended lease terms of up to 84 months, "Application Only" plans which require no financial statement up to $250,000, T-Bill pricing plans starting at $20,000, and equipment loan programs all under one roof.

High Approval Ratios
At BargainLease we are a one-stop shop for all your customers. We in a very unique position to accommodate A, B, C and marginal credit deals. As a result we have approval ratios in excess of 90%. We maintain relationships with all the major funding sources in the industry at rates that are very competitive. Each funding source has its own credit criteria; and therefore, there are very few transactions that cannot be approved either internally or externally.

Competitive Rates & Flexible Payment Plans
Our rates are very competitive based on the US Treasuries. This makes the payments to your customers very affordable and alleviates the "sticker shock" for your customers. We also have plans with full financial disclosure starting at $20,000 that make the payments even more competitive. In addition we have various Flexible Payment plans to meet the cash flow challenges of your customers.

Dedicated Account Manger
An account manager shall exclusively be assigned to design and implement your lease program. We are staffed with the best lease professionals in the industry to complement and enhance your sales effort. The account manager shall be your key point of contact and shall constantly keep you updated on the status of all your lease applications and assist you and your sales staff in closing more deals.

24 Hour Turnaround on Credit Decisions
The credit approval process is generally one day or less. It is our steadfast commitment to all our vendors to provide timely response on all applications. Occasionally additional information may be required from the Leassee in order to complete a lease application. Your account manager, at your option, can either contact the Lessee or work with you in getting the information.

Simple Documentation & Faxable Lease Documents
All our lease documents are in simple easy to read and understand language. We can also fax completed lease documents the same day as the lease approval. Your account manager can take care of all the documentation needs.

Vendor Pre funding for deposits and advance payments available generally up to 75% and on certain approved credits up to 100%.

Efficient Funding Process
All vendor checks are shipped overnight via FedEx within 24 hours of lease acceptance. We can also set up your program to have funds wired into your business checking account the same day of lease acceptance. All at no extra cost to the vendor.

Include Service & Maintenance Agreements
The cost of service and maintenance agreements can often be included in the amount financed. Taxes, installation, and other one-time charges can also be financed. We always give our best shot to minimize the upfront "out of pocket" expenses for your customers.

Daily Status Reports
The vendor is always in the loop, informed on all lease applications. Your dedicated account manager can fax or e-mail daily reports on applications received, application status, pending deals, and deals in funding.

Lead Generation
Our endeavor has always been to use our resources in helping our vendor partners grow by establishing new customer relationships. In pursuit of this objective we shall match our existing customers and lease prospects with vendors who can provide them with those products and services.

Private Label Programs
We have the means to put together a Private-Label program to meet your needs. Programs that can address any unique requirements for all types of equipment and industries.

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